Sex In The Bible

If you don’t have conversations with your children about sex and relationships, someone else will.  If that someone else brings a worldly view of sex and relationships before you have a chance to teach what the Bible says, your children will be left defenseless and possibly confused.


The enemy is an expert in confusion, but God has never been, nor ever will be, confused about His creation and perfect design for humanity.


In Genesis 1-4, we see that God made mankind in His own image and that He created them male and female.  God told them to be fruitful and increase in number as their bodies were designed for that. It states that a husband is to be united to his wife and become one flesh. The Bible teaches us there is a practical side of sex within the boundaries of marriage.


Later in the Bible, Song of Songs shows us what a beautiful gift sex is for a husband and wife.


In Matthew 19, Jesus quotes Genesis when speaking about husbands and wives. We see New Testament Scriptures, like 1 Corinthians, Colossians, and more, that reference sexual purity because God loves us and cares about us.


Today’s world is filled with agendas to invade our lives with lies about sex and relationships.  It is important to know God’s Word and to teach it to our children so they can withstand worldly views and live in a way that leads to life and joy.


Take time to have the conversations, both the serious and lighthearted ones. Always be available to answer questions and encourage your children to seek the very best that God has intended for them.  They deserve nothing less!



Arianna Eckart
Director of NTS Camp

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash