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The Legacy Group is a group of people who have chosen to partner with Never The Same by investing a minimum of $1000 in a calendar year.  Legacy Group partners help accelerate the work of Never The Same to new generations transformed in Christ.

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Students are praying weekly at their school through Claim Your Campus


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Students made commitments at Never The Same events in 2022


Youth Ministries resourced through the ministries of Never The Same

What does it mean to cultivate faith in students?

Never The Same provides immersive experiences, practical resources, and missional initiatives for individual students, local church youth ministries, and adult youth workers. We help nurture faith in students using three methods:


Teaching students about God, Scripture and spiritual disciplines are central to our values. By creatively presenting the rich traditions of the Christian faith, Never The Same has trained thousands of students and youth workers in themes such as the Nicene Creed, inductive Bible study, and the practices of prayer.


Surrounding students with the strength and support of the local church is an important strategy of Never The Same and is integral to building a structure for students to succeed. The ministries of Never The Same include built in mechanisms that connect students to their local church leadership and fellowship.


Creating opportunities for students to learn and interact using technology is key when engaging students today. Through mobile app technology, social media, podcasting, and web development, Never The Same is continuing to form ways for students to experience and practice their Christian faith.

Cultivating faith within students should be intentional. This is how we help.

Immersive Experience:
Summer events for students and youth workers

Practical Resource:
Discipleship curriculum for Youth Ministries

Missional Initiative:
Weekly student-led prayer groups in schools

Missional Initiative:
Student-led worship events in high schools

Practical Resource:
Podcast for youth workers and parents

Practical Resource:
Research for youth workers about students

What We Believe

The vision of Never The Same is new generations transformed in Christ to further the Kingdom of God.

+ Our Beliefs

Never The Same is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Gifts may be tax deductible.