The Importance Of Prayer In Youth Ministry

In a Youth Group of 200+ in Kansas, prayer became a regular rhythm for their weekly Wednesday gatherings. Using the Listen, Thank, Ask model from  Claim Your Campus, students regularly practiced prayer in a conversational way. After a semester of consistently practicing this model in church, students started leading CYC prayer groups in their schools.

The Youth Pastor of this church attended a See You At The Pole gathering the following school year in September. In a large group of 45 students, a senior opened the circle for “popcorn prayer” for “anyone who wanted to pray.” Students peered around the circle wide-eyed and nervous. There were 4 of the 45 students who prayed passionate prayers out loud for their school. All were freshmen from this Youth Pastor’s Youth Group.


It was an eye-opening experience that made him realize the culture of prayer they’d built in their Youth Group was spiritually forming his students. They felt confident praying outside their church walls and in front of their classmates at school!! This culture can be a reality at your church if it is what you desire and earnestly seek. God honors faithful prayers! Pray for this culture and consider using the CYC Prayer Model in your ministry to help your students grow spiritually.


Students often feel intimidated to pray out loud because they only hear preachers pray (and if we’re honest, sometimes preachers preach when they pray). With your leadership and eventually the leadership of other students, set an example of prayer from your platform each time you gather.


During your regular Youth Group gathering, whether that’s weekly, monthly, or something in between, make devoted prayer time a new corporate rhythm. Smaller groups can definitely practice this during your group time but set the tone on the platform God has given you.


Check out our free CYC Prayer Resources Folder and consider utilizing the prayer slides included to create a regular rhythm of prayer in your Youth Group. You’ll be amazed at how you see your students grow in confidence and passion for prayer. This could be a great foundational practice that helps your students take their faith outside the walls of the church and into their everyday lives!


Olivia Williamson
Director of Campus Ministries