Thought Factory Podcast #1106 | If God Is So Good, Why Is My World So Bad? | Six Questions Students Must Answer

The Thought Factory is back for its 11th Season and will include a 6-week mini-series in partnership with Michelle Rewa, a guest speaker at NTS Camp 2021.  Michelle explored the topics of faith and reason, approaching the Christian faith based on reason and evidence.  She delivered a series of six foundational questions students must answer for themselves to strengthen their faith.

Part 5/6

This is a major question that many people, including students, are asking as they see the world around them.  This is also the biggest obstacle for people as they evaluate faith.  This moves the foundational questions beyond truth and Jesus, into discussing the existence and problem of evil.  Michelle Rewa helps us understand that God is still good but there is a reason for the evil in the world.  If God is good and cares about us, then why are there so many people suffering?

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*Audio previously recorded at NTS Camp on July 15, 2021.