Thought Factory Podcast #1105 | Can I Doubt The Resurrection And Still Be a Christian? | Six Questions Students Must Answer

The Thought Factory is back for its 11th Season and will include a 6-week mini-series in partnership with Michelle Rewa, a guest speaker at NTS Camp 2021.  Michelle explored the topics of faith and reason, approaching the Christian faith based on reason and evidence.  She delivered a series of six foundational questions students must answer for themselves to strengthen their faith.

Part 4/6

This episode continues to conversation on the topic of Jesus.  Last episode we asked the question, “What do I believe about Jesus?” If you have come to the conclusion that He existed and He was crucified, Michelle Rewa unpacks the evidence of His death and resurrection.  Is it really a big deal if we claim to be Christian and doubt the resurrection truly happened?

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*Audio previously recorded at NTS Camp on July 14, 2021.