Do This And Your Kids Will Thank You

I’m going to say something that you may completely disagree with right now…but hear me out. Maybe you’ll change your mind. I want to make a case that people are LESS busy than they were in the past. 


One thing I’ve tried to stop doing is talking about how ‘busy’ I am. That’s become a conversation similar to the weather. It’s become a filler conversation topic. “Keeping busy?” Yes, we all have a lot going on in our lives. That’s actually nothing new. But I would make the case that we are LESS busy than we’ve ever been. 


Let me give you an example: how long do you think it took to do a load of laundry 100 years ago? Hours. Today: you throw it into a washer with some soap, and off you go to do something else. Minutes. That’s one example of many modern amenities that make our lives so much easier and more efficient. 


Need some information about something and can’t figure it out? Pull out your phone and discover the answer in seconds. 


I’m not saying we don’t have a lot going on in our lives and in our society. But the more I live life, the more I realize that most of our reality is a cycle that is repeating from the past. You might be thinking, “Yeah, Geoff, you don’t know MY life and how much I have going on.” True, I don’t. But for most of us, our lives and our schedules are a result of our choices. We choose to be busy. And that’s okay. But we’re not unique today compared to people from generations past.  


As I look back to my childhood, I am thankful that my parents had a deep network of community in our church. I believe it is one of the reasons I’m serving in ministry today. If anyone was busy, it was my dad. He was a full-time public high school teacher AND a full-time pastor at our neighborhood local church. And yet, he was always there when I needed him. He came to all my games, took me to those brutal early morning swim practices, etc. 


But it was his and mom’s commitment to church that made the most difference in my life. Church was a high priority to our family. The network and relationships are still there today. I value Christian community personally and for my daughters because of my parent’s example. 


What about you? Do you value Christian community personally and parentally? You might say, “Yes, of course I do.” If I looked at your calendar, would I come to the same conclusion? 


There is one way our moment in society is pretty unique right now, and that is the disruption we’ve all experienced in the last couple of years due to Covid and the shutdowns we’ve experienced. It has forced us to make choices in some pretty important areas. One area is that of relationships. There are some who have gone down the path of isolation, and unless something drastic happens, the loneliness will erode their joy and journey with others and with God. Life is not meant to be lived alone. 


Our kids think they can survive if all they have is their phone because it is what connects them to their friends and the world. There’s partial truth there, but there’s something more they need…REAL in-person people that know and love them. People they can count on. And if you want to raise great kids, heed my advice…your kids need relationships to support them outside of just your family.


Lean into your church. Spend time there. Serve. Come early and stay late on Sunday, don’t just rush in and out. Join a small group. Take time to know and be known. In the long run, your kids will thank you! 



Geoff Eckart
CEO & Founder
Never The Same