Thought Factory Podcast #1107 | Am I Committed To Godly Sexuality? | Six Questions Students Must Answer

The Thought Factory is back for its 11th Season and will include a 6-week mini-series in partnership with Michelle Rewa, a guest speaker at NTS Camp 2021.  Michelle explored the topics of faith and reason, approaching the Christian faith based on reason and evidence.  She delivered a series of six foundational questions students must answer for themselves to strengthen their faith.

Part 6/6

This episode concludes the mini-series on the six foundational questions students must answer.  All the previous questions culminate to this point, so if you have not listened to the previous five episodes, we encourage you to go and do so.  In this episode, Michelle Rewa discusses the topic of homosexuality and transgender as it relates to our relationship with God and how He is calling us to live.  Regardless of how you approach this topic, it is a sensitive one and emotions rise.  Just ask yourself, just because I feel it, does it make it true?  Does the Bible say it is wrong?


*Audio previously recorded at NTS Camp on July 15, 2021.