If Every School Had These Two Things, We’d See Revival…

My heart sank when I received a short, dreadful text from a young girl in my own church community on March 4, 2022. “I was there when it happened and sprinted,” she said. A freshman from Kansas witnessed another school shooting in her campus hallway one Friday morning.


Claim Your Campus is not just calling students to pray for positivity and for things to go well in our lives. Prayer is about two things that change everything: connection to the Father and inviting Heaven to invade our hallways. School shootings are not of Heaven. Bullying is not of Heaven. Racism is not of Heaven. Suicide is not of Heaven. They are not of the Father’s heart.


When we call students to pray, we are inviting them, and their peers, to experience the love of their Father. Heaven touches their schools when their hearts are transformed by God!


Our new app project is a tool for making this a reality. If this app makes it possible for every student in America to be touched by their Heavenly Father and Heaven, we will do whatever it takes!


Are you with us? Will you be 1 of 100 to financially support the rebuilding of our Claim Your Campus app? The time is now!

Olivia Williamson
Director of Claim Your Campus