This Week Our Nation Could Turn the Corner

Our nation is spiritually broken. Is there any way it can be fixed? Over the last year, God has helped me understand what it will take to change this. This week is a significant one to see a turn in the tide of what it will take to get us on the road to healing. Here’s what is about to happen in the next 48 hours.


Many of you know our journey over the last few years as we led into the July 4th weekend of 2020. We had prayed, planned, and prepped for CYC 2020, a historic gathering of students to spark prayer in schools across America.


You also may know that through an unusual but connected set of circumstances, God led me to take a 200+ mile prayer walk from Indiana to Kansas last summer. I walked over 200 miles on the Trail of Death. Hear the full audio account here. This was a personal expression of sorrow and repentance for where we are as a Church and nation.


In Scripture, we see that the healing of a people and a land always begins with repentance. Often those repenting aren’t even directly responsible for the sins they are repenting for. This is where we stand today.


The prayer walk I took is just one part of a very important and spiritually historic movement to call our nation to repentance and sorrow. Upon hearing about the Trail of Death prayer walk, Kathy Branzell, the President of the National Day of Prayer felt God lead her to incorporate a time of prayer and repentance that will be expressed this week on the National Day of Prayer.  I will have the honor of leading a portion of this time during the ceremonies in Washington DC. Thursday, May 6th both in Washington DC and in 35 states and counting, there will be expressions of repentance happening across America this week. THIS IS HUGE!


I believe this act will bring about a spiritual shift in our nation.


Join me in showing up THIS THURSDAY to a local National Day of Prayer event near you. Go to the NDP website and find a location. Then tune in at 8 pm Eastern for the live broadcast.


Recently someone shared a statement that resonated so deeply with me.


In our efforts to create a better future for our students, we must allow God to cleanse us TODAY so our sin doesn’t poison our kids for TOMORROW.


PS – Currently we are working on a documentary about my prayer walk on the Trail of Death. View the trailer here.


Jeff Eckart, CEO
Never The Same

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