Avoid a Huge Mistake I’ve Seen Many Parents Make

How much money are you financially investing in your students’ spiritual lives? People don’t often link money and spiritual growth, but there is a major connection here that you need to know about.


In working with hundreds of families for 30 years, here’s what I can tell you, the parents that spent actual money investing in their students spiritually saw a significant difference in their kids. Here’s what I’ve noticed about many Christian parents…they don’t FINANCIALLY invest in their kids’ spiritual lives. They do in many other ways…


…buying instruments and sending their kids to music camps.

…paying for uniforms, equipment, and travel to get their kids into sports.

…sending their kids to the best schools or to events and opportunities to help their students scholastically.


These are a few examples, but there are many more not listed.


I can’t tell you how many families I’ve worked with that have invested financially in their students’ intellectual, social, or physical lives but not in their spiritual lives. When these students go off the rails spiritually and they seek me for advice, often they don’t see the missing link. When you don’t invest in this part of their life, you often see the results right before your eyes.


If you want to be a family that stands apart, invest financially in your students’ spiritual lives.


Here’s what that looks like…


…sending them to youth group events/retreats/camps.

…paying them allowance instead of them working so they can make it to youth group every week.

…getting them on a serving/mission trip.


Will this guarantee them having strong faith of their own? No. Will it greatly influence those odds? Yes!


Year after year, we hear from countless parents and students about the effect of NTS Camp on their students and family. Those experiences with God are priceless and worth every penny of investment into your student!


As parents, Arianna and I have chosen to invest spiritually before school, sports, or the arts. And we are so glad we did!


The question you must ask as a parent…what cost is it worth for me to take a chance in this area of their life? Why not invest in their spiritual life?


Watch a video where I talk more about life investment.


Geoff Eckart, CEO
Never The Same


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