Talking To Your Students About Technology: Apps

How can we view phones as tools to build God’s Kingdom and not as destruction in our ministry? The question isn’t if we should point students to good resources, but how. Pointing our students to good resources is a part of how we do ministry! But where do we direct them to best serve and equip them in their faith?


Something I have sensed while working with middle and high school students is how overwhelmed they are. They hear so many messages, invites, and calls to action that they may feel anxious about all the options. When there are too many options, that is when people tend not to choose any at all. So how do you simply and effectively talk to your students about positive forces in technology?


Find apps/resources that serve the mission of your ministry! If you are hoping to engage students in the Word, to grow a love for the Bible, find good reading plans on the YouVersion app. If you want your students to learn about prayer, download the Claim Your Campus app and promote it to your youth group! We want your students to have the best resources out there to help them grow in their faith.


Throwing every good idea to them may exhaust them and make them hesitant to catch your vision. Find one or two solid resources you want to focus on with your students. Seek what God wants to do in your ministry, and that will help you discern what resources to invest time in. Don’t let technology take away from your ministry but build your ministry!

Olivia Williamson
Director of Campus Ministries