Equip Your Kids For The School Year

As a parent, you want your children to own their faith! Setting them up for success in their relationship with God means showing them how to pray. We want to partner with you not just to call your students to pray but also teach them how to pray.

The new Claim Your Campus app will be an amazing resource to equip your students to talk with God daily. On September 1st, we are launching this free app! It will teach students how to Listen for God’s voice, Thank Him for all the things He’s already doing in their midst, and Ask Him for powerful change around them. When they can begin to understand the power of their conversations with God, their prayers will also change their own hearts. Imagine the impact this could have in how they live for Jesus!

See You at the Pole is another great way for your child to find Christian community at their school! Encourage them to stand at their flag pole on September 28th before the start of the school day to pray for their campus. Finding like-minded friends in school can be difficult. But there are ways to find other believers they can stand alongside through thick and thin; SYATP may be that for your student!

Keep them in the loop of these resources and encourage them to engage! Then watch what the Lord does in your child’s heart as they learn to talk with Him.

Olivia Williamson
Director of Claim Your Campus