NTS Camp 2023 was Marked by the Holy Spirit

At NTS Camp this summer, we saw God move in beautiful and powerful ways.  The theme, Discover, was based on the story of Esther in the Bible.  We learned that God is always at work in our lives and once we discover that and see the dots being connected to Him, we can’t unsee it.


We learned about the important relationship that Esther had with her cousin and mentor, Mordecai.  Considering that, we gave space for students to invite their adult leader to play the role of a mentor in their lives.  It was incredible watching adults speak God’s truth and pray over their students in that moment each week.


We had extended times of prayer and worship where we saw students healed and freed from addiction.  We saw a young lady fall to her knees when the prompting in the room during an evening session led her to forgive her father who had hurt her for many years.  The significance of this came from learning that at the beginning of camp, her adult leader asked everyone in their group to write in their journal what they wanted God to do this week.  This young lady wrote that she wanted God to help her to forgive her father.


Students and adults experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit as prayer and worship invaded our time together.   Over 230 students accepted Jesus into their lives for the very first time.  Over 1160 students said they wanted to recommit their lives to Jesus.  Over 240 students answered a call to go into full-time ministry.  Over 800 students made other significant decisions in their walks with Jesus.


There is no greater time to be ministering to students.  The need for this generation to know Jesus as The Truth, The Life, and The Way is greater than it seems to have ever been because of the lies the enemy is planting everywhere you turn.  Things like anxiety, depression, suicide, violence, and addictions can no longer be what defines this generation.  They need us fighting for them.  They need us praying and claiming God’s truth over them.  The battle is real, and I’m honored to be on the front lines with you.


Thank you for serving God through Student Ministries.  Thank you for guiding students to discover a loving God who is for them and desires to have a relationship with them.  Thank you for being a Mordecai to the students God has placed within your care.  It is an exciting time and place to be serving in the Kingdom.  Thank you for your yes!


Want to check out a highlight video from NTS Camp 2023?  Click Here!


Arianna Eckart
Director of NTS Camp