How To Create Moments That Will Change Your Kids’ Lives

Over two late nights while on vacation in 2005, my wife Arianna and I created a 12 page “Family Plan” that would be our atlas for the next 20 years of our family. Among the many things included in that plan were…


…what experiences we wanted to provide

…what habits we wanted to form

…what values we wanted to instill

…what moments we wanted to create.


Let me show you how important this is for your family.


One part of this plan that we’ve shared the most with other parents is creating defining moments in our daughter’s lives. WE’VE PUT A LOT OF MONEY INTO MOMENTS. We’ve seen these moments become memories, and these memories have become mile-markers in their lives.


For example, talking with my daughter about worship in Westminster Abby in London is a moment that became a milestone for Olivia. Discussing life goals outside the Coliseum in Rome is something that our daughter Lauren won’t forget. These moments didn’t happen by accident, we prepared for them and you can too. 


Life is defined by distinct moments in time that shape our future.


Here’s what I’ve learned from asking literally hundreds of people, our lives are directed by 4-5 powerful and life-defining turning points. Typically, these moments are just a few seconds in time. Like when something finally dawns on a person, and this information provides revelation. Or when a decision that has been considered for a long time is ultimately made, and life changes course. I’ve listened to people tell me about a moment when resolve is formed within them, shaping a raw determination that brings significant and much-needed change.


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As people have told me their stories, I’ve noticed that their “defining moment” was often in improbable locations or times. When they least expected it, something big happened that changed their life forever. Life is often random that way.


Yet, I also heard about spiritually defining moments from many people. These moments had a pattern. Here’s a stereotype of what I’ve heard. “I was at a camp (or retreat or event), and God, all of a sudden, became real. It was as if He was speaking directly to me in a very specific way.”


Here’s an action step I highly recommend to you as a parent…INVEST IN SPIRITUAL MOMENTS FOR YOUR KIDS.


You are on this list because you have sent your student to NTS Camp. I want to applaud you for that and encourage you to stay on track in making these investments that will shape your student’s life.


As parents, Arianna and I have invested thousands into our students’ mouths (braces and cavities are expensive!), sports leagues and gear, their education, and seemingly endless other expenses. But if you ask us, the most important investment we have made is into their spiritual lives.


Here’s the good news…most of these moments can be free! We committed to getting them to church each and every week. Even in these challenging times, we have prioritized gathering as a family to worship. Worship moments are critical for our families.


On top of that, getting your students to youth group, church retreats, summer camps, serving trips, etc., will make a big difference in your kids’ lives.




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Let’s keep fighting for our kids!


Geoff Eckart, CEO
Never The Same


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