Yes, Camp IS Important!

At NTS Camp, you are given 56 hours at camp with your students, not including the ride there and back. Some of those hours are spent sleeping, but let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of sleeping going on at camp.  

These hours are priceless. 

The conversations during this week don’t have to be cut short because of other commitments.  They don’t have to be cut short because someone’s ride is there to pick them up.  You have a captivated audience, and you can be intentional about having those conversations that take a while or need to go deeper during camp.

These hours are priceless because you can build relationships quicker and easier over a week than you can one hour a week over the course of a year.  Fun things happen that make you laugh in the moment and for years to come.  Shared memories happen that bond you and your students together.  Important spiritual moments happen at camp that students associate you with, and you will forever be that person that was there for them at that moment.  You’ll always be able to testify with them that those moments happened and that they were for real.  You’ll be able to cheer them on to never forget what God did for them in those moments.  They’ll need that.

The foundations that are built at camp give you the ability to skip the “get to know you stage” back home during student ministry and free you up to help take students to the next level with Jesus.  

Giving up a little bit of sleep each night for a week for all these benefits?  It’s worth it every time and every year!


Hope to see you soon at NTS Camp!



Arianna Eckart

NTS Camp Director