Thought Factory Podcast #815 || Special Edition Four | The Big Question that Crisis Forces Us to Answer

As weeks roll into months of this current crisis we find ourselves in, you may be evaluating and re-evaluating what you have been doing in your ministry to students.  This time has caused all of us to slow down in some way or another and there may be questions you are asking yourself.  What have you found to be unnecessary?  What do we need to let go or repent of that we have been doing?  But, what’s the big question that this crisis is forcing all of us to answer?  What are you calling your students to when the normal program is disrupted?  In this episode, Jeff and Jayson discuss the big question we should be answering when it comes to our ministries as well as the wrong questions we may be asking instead.  Are we offering a product to be consumed, or are we creating an environment for students to meet with God?