Thought Factory Podcast #810 || The Most Urgent Need Youth Workers are Unaware of in the Church

If you were to take a minute to think of the greatest issue in the Church, what would come to mind for you? Hypocrisy, greed, division, sexual immorality, biblical illiteracy…?  We all have our thoughts and opinions of what major issues face the Church today.  But there may be an even deeper issue that no one is thinking of nor talking about.  This issue is holding the Church back from its full potential.  In today’s episode, Jeff and Jayson are joined with Dave Butts, Chairman of the National Prayer Committee, who is also on the National Day of Prayer Board. He discusses what he thinks is the greatest issue in the Church today.  And no, it is not the lack of prayer.

*Episode Originally Recorded on 1.17.2020 (before the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States)