Though Factory Podcast #1209 | A Deeper Conversation with Your Students about Sexuality

There are many layers to the topic of sexuality.  It ranges from what we view and keeping our thoughts pure to heterosexual attraction and desire to same-sex attraction and identity, from basic concepts of biological sex to the current cultural conversation of the fluidity of gender.  How do we have conversations with our students about sexuality?  When and how do we broach this topic, and how deeply do we discuss this before it gets weird and awkward?  One thing the Church cannot do is stick its head in the sand and hope these things will pass or settle themselves.  The Church must be willing to discuss such things.  In today’s episode, Geoff and Jayson invite Clare DeGraaf, who is an author, teacher, and spiritual mentor, to the show to have the deeper conversations that the Church should be having in regard to sexuality.

Resource links from the episode:

An Introduction to the LGBTQ Conversation