Why Is Musical Worship So Important?

When I heard high schoolers singing, “I’m free! I’m free! Jesus has delivered me!” I believed them.


Last summer, Enlightened Students went on the road to host worship events on middle and high school campuses and students responded during this song by writing on a canvas. They bravely walked up to the front and wrote down the things they knew Jesus could free them from:

Their past.


At the end of the song, we spray painted “FREE” in bright, bold letters as students sang the words, “I’m free! I’m free! Jesus has delivered me! I can feel it.” And now, these words have been recorded and released on all streaming platforms. Students can now sing these words in their cars, locker rooms, bedrooms, youth groups, and kitchens. This reminds us how music is not as much a tool as it is a reminder of what God has and can still do in our lives.


Musical worship is a beautiful expression to testify what the Lord has done. Pay attention to lyrics and songs that speak to your students’ situations and testimonies. If you have musicians in your student ministry (or even if not), encourage them to write their own testimony songs!  Encourage them to share what the Lord has done. Music is how we remember!


Listen to Freedom by Enlightened Students on all music streaming platforms today!


Olivia Williamson
Director of Campus Ministries