The Book of Exodus

God is a God of rescue in many ways. In the book of Exodus, we read about one of the greatest rescue stories ever told. God rescues His people Israel from their oppression through a series of miraculous events led by an unlikely leader, a man named Moses. God called Moses to help lead Israel out of captivity into freedom. It wasn’t always easy and it definitely wasn’t perfect. There was a lot of struggle between leaving Egypt and entering the land God had promised. The book of Exodus gives us an inside look at God’s provision and freedom for Israel. In Exodus, God rescued Israel from physical slavery. While God is still in the business of rescuing people from slavery in a physical way, He’s also focused on rescuing people – us – from slavery in a spiritual way. Addictions, relationships, secret sin, and other things keep us in spiritual slavery. Just like Israel – God wants to set us free!

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