Supporting Youth Ministry As A Parent

You’re not alone in wondering how to impact Youth Ministry today. So many parents are learning how to navigate parenting in a culture that seems to shift in its theology, morals, and messages every day. Here are a few ways you can partner with your local church and your kids to see everlasting change that comes from an unchanging God: 


  • Let your student’s Youth Pastor/Director know they are appreciated! Youth Ministry can often be a thankless job. Blessing the people who regularly pour into your child’s life is an amazing way to minister to your local church. It will directly impact how your kids are invested in if the one serving them feels empowered by parents to keep moving forward!


  • Pray consistently for your church’s Youth Ministry! If you pray daily for your kids, would you add the Youth Ministry they are a part of to your prayers? Continue to pray for each youth service, event, and outreach moment they have together. Don’t underestimate the power of your prayers! Pray boldly, with faith, that students will hear clearly from God, so they know His voice and His truth.

  • Have conversations with your students about their faith! Continue the conversations started at church when your family is together. Your lasting impact as a parent will continue to shape your child’s life beyond Youth Ministry. Let them know you are interested in their spiritual growth and be intentional to listen for how God is speaking to them! Trust the process because God is in it! 


We believe in how God wants to speak truth into this generation. We know that you are making an impact as a parent! Continue to pray and press on as you disciple your kids. 


We are praying for you,


Olivia Williamson
Director of Campus Ministries