Students Are Investors…

Students are investors. Their time, energy, and resources are invested in sports, the arts, competitions, or skills that could help them get a college scholarship. We know that the pressures they face to perform are heavy. How can we encourage our students to invest in their spiritual lives when the world already asks so much of them? 


  • Remind students that investing in their spiritual lives will not take away but add to their overall lives. Every moment spent in God’s Word is wisdom gained. Every time spent with God is a reminder that we are more than what we do! While the demands of the world are stress-inducing and overwhelming, continue to speak the truth of Jesus’s easy yoke and light burden.


  • Give students space to invest in their spiritual lives. Sometimes students can feel overwhelmed with searching for ways to grow spiritually. Offering a consistent space to grow with other believers will naturally help students invest in their spiritual lives! They are hungry for a trustworthy and authentic community.


  • Have resources ready to share with them. Soul Exercises is a practical tool that is easy to navigate, flexible with time commitment, and engages students with the Word 5 days a week. You want your students to have the tools to invest in their faith because their souls are tired! How much more do they need God’s Word to bring them strength and truth? 


Thank you for caring for the souls of this generation. We are here to support you as you equip your students to invest in a relationship with Jesus!  



Olivia Williamson
Director of Campus Ministries