Thought Factory Podcast #1101 | One Big Prediction for 2022

The Thought Factory is back for its 11th Season and will include a 6-week mini-series in partnership with Michelle Rewa, a guest speaker at NTS Camp 2021.  Michelle explored the topics of faith and reason, approaching the Christian faith based on reason and evidence.  She delivered a series of six foundational questions students must answer for themselves to strengthen their faith.

Also in this episode, Geoff shares some thoughts, impressions, and predictions for 2022 that appear to parallel the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 17-18 as we continue to be impacted by shutdowns and disruptions due to the Coronavirus.

Geoff’s four thoughts in comparison to Elijah are:

1. Elijah spoke about an unpopular reality.  God’s people must be willing to speak up right now.

2. God kept Elijah alive during the drought.  God will keep the ministries and movements that He chooses alive during Covid.

3. God built Elijah into the mighty prophet he would become during the drought.  He will do the same for those people and ministries who remain faithful to Him.

4. Elijah’s actions on Mount Carmel and afterward were a part of how God ended the drought.  The length of this drought depends on how God’s leaders and His people respond to it.

Listen to this episode to hear Geoff’s one big prediction on how much longer this Covid disruption will last into the future and what we can do during this time as God’s people.