Morning – Fasting


Part 2 of 3 of a series on three spiritual disciplines. Part 2 is focused on Fasting. Fasting is a less often talked about and commonly misunderstood spiritual discipline. However, it's in the Bible - so how do we approach it today? God loves every person and desires that every person is safe, loved, and cared for in this world. However, because of the brokenness in the world, many people are victims of injustice. When we see injustice in our world, the Bible says we are called as Christ-followers to do something about it. This is best exemplified in Esther's story. She was put in a position of power by King Xerxes and when she learned he was planning to kill her entire people group, she took action. She knew God had put her in this position, but that she couldn't handle this situation on her own. She fasted and prayed and called others to fast with her (Esther 4:16). Through this obedience, justice was restored to her people. Fasting is not meant to draw attention to yourself (Matthew 6:16-18) and it is not meant to encourage unhealthy relationships with food. Fasting is a requirement by Jesus (Matthew 6:16) and it is an avenue for change through dependence on God.


How to Use

This is part of a video series on Spiritual Disciplines and can be used as teaching for students in your ministry, with breaks in between each video to ask questions.

Morning Session - Fasting Video 1

Morning Session - Fasting Video 2