Deadly Sins

Centuries ago, when Christian leaders were exploring the (really fun) topic of sin, they identified the “central” sin of humanity as pride. After identifying pride as the central sin, the leaders assembled a list of “origin” sins, meaning that all sins stem from this list: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. When we think about the sins that exist in our world today, it is easy to tie them back to one of the seven. Through the power of God, we are able to live free from the power of sin and its grip on our lives. This is NOT behavior modification, meaning a change that only happens on the surface. No, it’s much deeper, going to the “why” of what we think, say, and do. God can change and transform our very nature and being. The message of the Gospel is that God has come to the world to change the hearts of people, so that they can be in perfect harmony with Him and experience His resurrection and freedom from sin. This is good news!

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