Building The Culture You AND Your Students Want

Building culture in your youth ministry starts with identifying your goals and who your students are! Knowing your goals is a great place to start. What dreams do you have for your ministry? What habits, practices, and results do you pray to see in your students? When you know where you’re going, the steps to get there will naturally build culture.


Knowing your students is also key. Do you have space to have fun with your students, ask them questions, and hear their values? Are students involved in planning services, leading their peers, and speaking into your ministry? Valuing student input will help them buy into your vision because they know you truly care about their ideas and personal growth!


Once you have goals and space for student input in place, create intentional steps for how your ministry can achieve your goals. Do you want a powerful culture of worship? Maybe you need to bring in guest bands, preach a Biblical worship series, or take your students to a worship conference. Do you want to see higher-level student leadership in your ministry? The first step could be asking a student to share your announcements on stage or inviting a student(s) into your service planning meetings. All it takes is one simple step after another.


Taking intentional steps that contribute to your overall goals is how you will start building the culture you and your students want in your ministry. Give each step time and intentionality. You will see the culture you’ve been praying for when you faithfully and continually keep moving toward your goals!


Olivia Williamson
Director of Campus Ministries