Are Youth Events Dead Or Alive For Gen Z?

Have you wondered if youth events are worth the time, resources, and energy? It has been an interesting past few years of isolation and then regrouping again in our churches! Many people across the country are just starting to come back to our churches. Are events relevant? Do people want to come? What role do events have in our ministry? 


The important thing to note about Generation Z is they are not impressed or drawn to hype in the Church. They want authentic relationships and community. Are your events centered around hype or building disciples? If events are centered on hype, they won’t have the meaningful impact you’re hoping your ministry can make unless there is space for community building. How can students be seen and known at your events? That will draw them in more than a big name or cool prizes.


Claim Your Campus recently hosted an event called ‘The Gathering’ in Kansas City. Middle and high school students from all over the country came together for a weekend of worship, teaching, and practical next steps for starting a prayer group in their schools. Here are some of the testimonies from students in the room: 


I have had knee pain for 2 years and a torn meniscus. I was prayed over… and was able to jump during worship with no pain. I was also feeling a ton of stress and anxiety before this trip and I was brought so much peace and rest from that. I also met so many amazing people and will never forget this weekend, it changed my life.”


He opened my eyes and heart so I can go back to school and be a better reflection of him.” 


There is something special about a gathering that is about JESUS and the community. God speaks in powerful ways, students find rest from their crazy lives, and they get to be around others who will help them grow in their faith! Events are not dead to youth ministry – they just need to look different than they used to. It’s not about the big names, stadiums, lights, or loud music… Students are hungry to meet Jesus and be known by others. Lead events for that purpose! 


Olivia Williamson
Director of Campus Ministries