Welcome to Never The Same.

We are a Christ-centered & hope focused non-profit organization that formed in 2009. One of the statements that defines us is:

“this generation is our best hope for change.”

Our organization & strategy is focused on unleashing a generation of young people to bring about a spiritual awakening in America so that we are NEVER THE SAME.


.1 Why do we need change?

Every 60 minutes, we are about 100 million more in debt.

Every 60 minutes, about 100 lives are ended by abortion.

At least half, some good research says more, of our highly engaged “youth group church kids” are leaving not only organized faith but their personal faith after high school.

Some believe a better economy is the solution.

Some believe a different elected official or political party is the answer.

We believe God is.

It is somewhat instinctive to look for natural solutions in response to supernatural challenges. However, without sounding too simplistic, God is the answer to every challenge we face individually & corporately.

We are in need of a spiritual awakening. And it needs to happen now.

.2 Why focus on young people?

First, let's look at the numbers.

This is the largest generation both numerically & percentage wise in American history at around 50 million.

By 2018 40% of the adult population will be the Millennial generation.

Sociologically, they are change agents. They are civic minded and spiritually honest.

Biblically & historically every spiritual awakening had 3 things in common:

Young people

We cannot afford to ignore them. Young people are our greatest resource in the movement towards God.

Claim Your Campus & NTS Camps are both streams of movement that engage students, their congregation, and the community in active change for the Kingdom of God.


Claim Your Campus is a movement with a mission to unite 1 million students on every MS & HS campus in America. It is student propelled and adult engaged and a model that is powerful, sustainable, and can change America.

It is not a program, but a prayer movement.

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@claimyourcampus RT @ntscamp: NTS Camp kicks off the summer in 7 days! NTS Indiana, are you ready? #WordNTS

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Never The Same Camp (NTS Camp) is the intersection between students from congregations across the US & the supernatural presence of God. NTS Camp's strategy is to see not only transformation of students lives at an event, but just as importantly congregations energized through a movement of God that springboards from the NTS camp event.

EQUIPPING youth ministries,
ENGAGING congregations.

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@ntscamp NTS Camp kicks off the summer in 7 days! NTS Indiana, are you ready? #WordNTS

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It takes a significant amount of resources and people to follow where God is leading in the movement of Never The Same. It takes people like you who believe in the power of God and the timing of this generation to bring about a spiritual awakening across the land.

You can help in any of these 3 ways:


Our goal this year is to raise $1,000,000. Will you partner with us?

It's quick & easy to GIVE.


Perhaps you can serve with us at an event or give time to one of our ongoing projects with CYC or NTS Camps. Contact us here.


Uniting 1 million students in prayer will take many many people to make this happen. Do you have a connection that will help us in this mission? If you have leads for us, contact us here.


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